The lesser known ‘I really wish I had a dream’ speech

Can anyone tell me why I’m here?

Ok, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and have a go at this blogging thing – everyone else seems to be doing it after all. And maybe no-one will ever read this – and at the moment I’m not sure that I’d want them to. I’ve kept a diary on and off since I was 12 (and I still have them all… really the early years are not worth re-reading, there’s only so much ‘I really fancy Ryan/Matt/Wesley/Mark (delete depending on day of the week) you need to know!) and this is just an extension of that really. Maybe with more ‘what I did today and what I think about it’ than ‘why don’t I have a boyfriend/good job/size 10 figure’ but knowing me there’ll be a fair bit of that too!

I think I’ve been finally prompted to put my arse out here in blog land due to the recent explosion of Twitter and my addiction to it. I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and sometimes I feel the need to share something that can’t be squeezed into 140 characters. I’ve not really bothered with blogs that much before apart from The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl written by Shauna, this girl I know, about her mission to lose half her body weight. It’s inspiring – and she’s even had it published and has recently been on a publicity trip to New York no less.

I suppose I should get the other reason out there now, in the early days, too. I’m a fairly recent addition to the ever growing fan base of Australian musical comedian Tim Minchin. Some friends had seen Tim at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008 and I’d seen a couple of YouTube clips but it wasn’t until I saw Tim performing ‘If I didn’t have you’ (an excellent maths based love song) on the Secret Policeman’s Ball that I truly began to appreciate his amazing wit, intelligence, musical talent and general all round awesomeness. So, I got my arse online and booked tickets to see this new found object of my admiration in Glasgow last November and I’ve been hooked ever since. I joined Mr Minchin’s official fan forum Angry (Feet) where, after a bit of a tentative start, I meant lots of lovely, like-minded, Tim fans. I even met a few of them when I went to my second Tim gig at the Roundhouse in Camden in January. It’s great to have an outlet for my (very slight) obsession because my friends and family just don’t really get it. I reckon I’ve just got one of those personalities that when I find something I like I have to be all encompassed by it for a while – I know it will burn out in a few months and I’ll be able to get back to some semblance of normality instead of getting withdrawal symtoms if I haven’t checked the various sources of Tim-related information for a few hours. It’s just like when I followed Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat round the country (8 times I saw it) when I was 14 because I fancied the boy playing Benjamin!

So, I think what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been spending more time online lately and I’ve made lots of new internet based friends and this has somehow inspired me to start a blog.I don’t really know what I’m going to write here – probably what I’ve been up to, how my latest diet is going (this time I’m really going to do it, damn it), the ongoing lack of anything resembling a love life and more than likely a lot of Tim Minchin related nonsense. I think I’ve done ok for a first post though so I’ll probably leave it here for tonight. And maybe I’ll come back tomorrow if I can think of something else to say. I may try and explain the ‘I really wish I had a dream’ significance.