Return of the blog

I’ve just had a look back and it turns out I haven’t written a blog since the 19th July – that’s bloody ages ago! And it’s not that nothing has happened, or that I’ve been overly busy (I spent a LOT of time this summer watching reruns of ER and playing Bejeweled on my phone) more that I’ve just been a bit of a lazy arse. But I’ve also been quieter online in general in the last few months, I guess it’s partly to do with the fact I now have a real person at home to talk to about my woes (and happinesses) so I don’t feel quite the same pressing need to share them with the internet.

However, I feel an update is somewhat overdue. I had a busy summer which included a camping trip to the Lake District, moving house (and several trips to IKEA), selling my old flat, a few outings to the Edinburgh Festival (including a visit by my brother and his wife), and plenty of wedding planning.

Despite my best efforts I hadn’t managed to get a teaching job by the start of the Scottish school year in mid-August, and after a bit of procrastinating I finally bit the bullet and took a temporary job with Lloyds (back in the same building I used to work when it was HBoS) and started on the 30th August. To be honest, as much as I wanted a teaching job I was pretty glad of the extra two weeks holiday! Anyway, on the same day I started work with the bank I got a text from a teacher I worked with last year saying she had heard a school five minutes from our new house was looking for a French teacher. So the next day I called the head of department and it turned out one of the deputy heads at the school had been on the interview panel for my council interview back in April. He was happy to take me on. This was confirmed at 4pm on the Friday of my first week at the bank and I never went back. I did feel a bit guilty because I never would have taken the job if I’d have know it would only be for 4 days – and those 4 days would be spent training for a job I’d never do but you just can’t predict these things. So the following Monday I started at my new school. I’ve settled in well and I feel much less stressed about teaching than I did last year (I know everyone told me it’d get easier but that wasn’t always so easy to believe!).

But, and here’s the rub, I might have won the battle for a job but I’ve not yet won the war… I have been initially employed on a temporary contract until 25th November, even though the school need someone until at least the summer holidays. In previous years I could have been employed on a long term supply basis and no more would need to be done. However, apparently the rules have changed and if a teacher is employed at the same school for more than 5 days they must be given a temporary contract (which is essentially a good thing), but because I haven’t filled a pre-existing position but one which was created this year, the position has to be advertised. I can then apply for the job I’m already doing (and which I’ve been told I’m doing well) and hope that I’m better than anyone else who might apply.

Anyway, there’s very little I can do about it other than keep doing the best job I can, continue to make a good impression and then apply for the job when it’s advertised and hope that I’ve impressed enough to keep the job.

All in all though I’m glad to be back in school and I was particularly glad of the two week half-term holiday I’ve just had (a very enjoyable week of which was spent on a SAGA holiday in Majorca…but that’s another story!).

On top of all that it’s only 5 and a half months until the wedding (eeep!). We’ve now also booked a band, who shall remain a surprise but who are super ace. I’ve just ordered the bridesmaid dress, and fittings for my own dress should be starting soon. AND I’ve found an amazing online shoemaker who can custom make shoes to exactly match the colour of the bridesmaid dress…they are quite expensive but I reckon I’m going to treat myself.

And lastly, the new house is awesome. I often just sit and look around and I can’t believe it’s my house, that I bought with my husband-to-be and that it’s all ours. How life has changed in the last 18 months…and in the words of McDonalds(?!) ‘I’m lovin’ it!’