It was a very good year

I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s time I wrote a blog post and when I came to look at it today it turns out it’s exactly a year since I last posted anything here. And what a bloody year!

We had an absolutely amazing honeymoon in America – we went to so many different and interesting places I find it hard to remember them all, we ate an awful lot of delicious food and I think we had ice-cream pretty much every day! So despite the fact I put on half a stone in three weeks I reckon it was the best holiday I’ve ever had.

Coming back from our honeymoon in the middle of the summer holidays I still didn’t have a job for the start of the new term but once again something came up and I’ve been teaching French, and now Spanish as well (even though I’m still learning myself) in my third school in as many years. This school is less than half the size of the last two and after a bit of settling in I’ve really quite enjoyed this year. I got to teach some Social Education this year too which was fun – I even got to talk about condoms and STDs, and did it with a straight face! It was only another temporary one year contract though, which is causing a few problems now mainly due to the massive news of this year…

Once we knew I had a job at least for a year we decided to try to have a baby. We were thinking that even though we’ve not even really known each other that long, and we had only been married 6 months, we knew it was something we both wanted. We’re both in our mid-thirties and until you have a go no-one has any idea how long getting pregnant might take…so we decided to start trying…and two months later I was pregnant!

Which kind of brings us to now. I’ve got two weeks of school left, and about 4 and half weeks until the baby is due. Although judging by the size of my bump, the wriggling, hiccuping baby in my tummy might just make an appearance sooner rather than later!

I am going to write something in another post about being pregnant, and hopefully more when the baby is here – as much for us to have a record of things as anything else. I know that some of you who have read this blog in the past have no interest in such things and so I won’t be offended if you choose not to read future updates. But I hope you’ll all be happy to know things are going pretty well in my world. So much has changed since I started this blog and I reckon in the next few weeks and the months (and years!) to come life is going to be very different…and freakin’ awesome!

Me and my massive baby bump!