So far so good

Two weeks into the New Year and so far my good intentions are holding out. I’ve not had any booze since New Year’s Eve and only one tiny piece of Dairy Milk in the last ten days – and I’ve lost 4lbs. Yay me! I even went back to my dance class tonight – which I haven’t been to since September. I’ve still got a way to go so I just need to keep it up now. My bridesmaid dress for Claire’s wedding arrived at the shop so I had to go and try it on on Saturday – I think it was very mean making me try it on just after Christmas but it still fit which is a bonus. It’ll look better when I’ve lost a bit more weight though…and it’s not getting fitted for another six weeks so there’s still time.

I’ve also been keeping up with my other blog which does exactly what you’d expect – it’s a picture of my face everyday. Some of them were taken not long after waking up and you can definitely tell! Other than that and some slight hairstyle variations I reckon I look pretty much the same in every one. It’s a bit weird to be honest seeing all those pictures of my face – and that’s only two weeks in, I’m not sure what I’ll think if I keep it up for the whole year…only one way to find out though.

In other news I’m enjoying being back at university, despite the tedious drive to Glasgow, which was made even more difficult last week with the freezing conditions. I’m just making the most of not having a huge amount to do at the moment. I managed to get my assignment done and handed in on time, despite typically leaving it until the last minute, so I’m just waiting for the result now. We don’t even get a grade for it – it’s either pass or fail….and if you fail you get a chance to rewrite it anyway! Anyway, like I say, I’m making the most of not having too much work at the moment because in three weeks I’ll be back on school placement for another six weeks. And that will be six weeks of very hard work indeed! 

Before going back to school though I’ve got a(nother) trip to London planned to see Michael Legge and The Trap in their sketch show ‘Los Quattros Cvnts’. (It is pronounced ‘cunts’ but they didn’t have the balls to actually call it that because it wouldn’t get listed anywhere!). It should be really good fun – I meeting Nic (@nwoolhouseuk who stayed with me during Edinburgh last year) and Lorna (@lornalily who lives in Ireland and who we’ve been talking to on Twitter as she is a fellow Precious Little podophile, as we’ve been dubbed). It just seems perfectly normal now to meet people (and we’re all sharing a hotel room too) who I’ve only spoken to on the internet. And once we get over the initial ‘oh, so that’s your voice’ weirdness I’m sure we’ll have a whole heap of fun. Although I’m supposed to have given up the booze I’m not even going to pretend to myself that I won’t be drinking on that night!

Lastly, a couple of things you should really have a look at. First of all, Tim Minchin’s amazing nine minute beat poem; Storm, is being animated by some lovely people who are keeping everyone updated with their progress on a blog here. I love all the ‘kinetic typography’ as it’s know in technical terms and you can see some tests on the latest blog entry. You can also see the trailer that was previewed at TAM London last year.

And very finally, this is something that my brother posted the link to on Twitter. It’s a reproduction of a book published in 1972 called ‘2010: Living In The Future’ – with a bit of added commentary from the blog author. Some of the stuff is a bit mental; ‘There are no beds, no tables, no chairs. The floor is made for sitting, sleeping, and walking on.’ But some of it is remarkably accurate – the bloke who wrote this in 1972 basically predicted supermarket home delivery, the internet and ebooks. You really should take the time to read it all, it’s brilliant!

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